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Cleaning with Soap

Why Choose All Shine Valet

You are guaranteed a beautifully clean car to high standards every single valet and we believe you shouldn't be riding dirty but riding clean because riding clean is riding comfortably!

We chose to be mobile so we are convenient for you. We can come to your home/work or while you're at the gym, fitting in with your busy life style. Your car gets cleaned without you having to sit and wait for it to be done like you would have to at a car wash. Instead while you're busy at work or spending time with your family or even at the gym we can be cleaning your car for you!

We provide a professional and friendly service every time as we like to do service with a smile and appreciate our loyal customers. 

Book in with us to find out yourself!

How did All Shine Valet Begin?

Jack - Owner of All Shine Valet

Jack - All Shine Valet Owner

“I’ve just got a passion for valeting!”


After completing his 5* training with a leading UK valet company and building on his passion for valet work, Jack started All Shine Valet to bring his skills and expertise to car care around Dorset.

Developing his own 15 stage wash and 21 point cleaning checklist across All Shine Valets' various packages, Jack has confidence in his valeting skills and is dedicated to provide an excellent treatment for your car.

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